A is for Accessories

The right accessories can make or break your outfit! I’m no stranger to a good accessory or two.. & sometimes your outfit just doesn’t sit right without a finishing touch. So whatever the weather- (& the weather is pretty miserable!) accessorise to cheer up that dull outfit!

I love a hat! … So from glam to casj these are my favourites:


Both- Topshop

A simple outfit can be all the more fab with a touch of colour or something a little bit different- So be bold & wear a statement piece:


Hat- Ted Baker

Mini Tie- ASOS

In London it’s FREEZING at the moment- & layering up can be so drab, but keeping warm can still be fabulous:

image image


Gloves Black&Grey- Zara

Gloves Leopard Print- New Look

Scarf- ASOS

but enough of the Winter warmers- rest assured spring is not that far off, and I can’t wait to accessorise with these bad boys:

image image

Stick-on Tattoo- Topshop

Clip-in Hair Braid- ASOS

 So girls- get your A-Game on with some Fab Accessories

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