The World of Curls



My curls, my mane, my mess, my hair! – Call it what you like, either way taming it is not a task for the faint hearted…


Washing your hair:

– Nourishing & conditioning your hair is so vital in avoiding the dreaded Frizz!

– So make sure you use a good quality conditioner (everyone is different- so try to find one that really suits your hair & leaves it feeling silky soft)

I use TRESemmé- Healthy Volume Conditioner


– Don’t forget to use an intensive conditioning treatment on your hair every 2 weeks (especially if you’ve straightened it recently or used a lot of heat on your hair)

I use John Frieda- Miraculous Recovery


From wet to dry:

Anyone with curls knows this precious time from wet to dry is so vital in getting the right products in, it’s the difference between nice curls & a fluffy mess!

– It’s always best to gently towel dry your hair in a scrunching motion, if you leave it dripping wet your hair will dry flat at the top (weighed down by the dripping wet bottom when drying). Do not rub your hair in the towel – you are not trying to start a cave man fire! & this only antogonises the mane, leading to frizz & possible split ends!

– While damp I ALWAYS use a curling mousse (some people don’t like using mousse as it can have that crunchy look by the end, but it works for me). I spread mousse throughout my hair- again in a scrunching  motion, then to avoid it drying all crispy I very lightly towel dry it again to take off any excess product. My hair is particularly soft & fluffy, so mousse is perfect to give it some structure & hold, however if you have naturally dryer & thicker hair- a curling serum would be better, and use it the same way as I would my mousse (avoiding roots).

I use John Frieda- Curl Reviver Mousse


– I usually finish off by adding a curl reviver spray/nourishing treatment or serum on my hair, before drying with the hair dryer. I find using the hair dryer on a low heat & low power whilst scrunching hair gives me a good bounce at the top, however if your hair is already quite bouncy you can just leave it to air dry (be careful when using a hair dryer as it can create frizz for curly hair- use a defuser attachment if you find this happens)

– By using a nourishing treatment for curls you loosen your curls up, give them a silky texture & protect your hair for the future. I tend to use a few different ones, that are all equally as good as each other but it just depends what mood my hairs in (as inevitably your curls do have a slight mind of their own!), if my hair is looking a bit flat and life less just before fully drying- I will use a curl reviver spray. If it’s having a good day I will use a nourishing treatment just to had a glossy texture, & finally if it’s decided to have a crunchy day/wet look, I will use a curling serum to counteract the crunch with some good old grease! (Hopefully this covers all bases lol)

I use Twisted Sister- 30sec Curl spray (you can this from the £1 shop)



I use Uniq One- All in One Hair Treatment

image image


I use John Frieda- Oil Elixir



So girls- if you’ve been straightening your hair in a dying attempt at normal hair, stop! Love your curls… & Tame that Mane to curl perfection!

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