Oh Yay… It’s Pancake Day!!


Pancake day is here! & yes that is your cue to Pig Out… Cheat day here I come!

So I decided to do a yummy Pancake post for you all, especially as I am referred to as “The Pancake maker” in my household- & have learnt all my pancake making skills from my Nan.. So I’m basically an expert! Lol

Pancakes… The basics!

  • Always have a hot pan! Before you put the mix in
  • Keep your pan greesed (or it all gets a little sticky)
  • Whisk it up gooooood- no lumps allowed
  • Always use plain flour
  • For thin pancakes/crepes- mixture consistency should be runny & thin
  • For thick american styled fluffy pancakes use plain flour with baking soda- consistency of mix must be thicker

But of course … I can’t give away all my secrets! & anyone who knows me, knows I never follow a recipe to the dot anyway- it’s got to be done by feel and eye, however it wouldn’t be Lovesian if I didn’t try and clue you all up on a couple tricks, so here are some amazing recipes below! Click & get Pancaking people!!!


Crepe Style Pancakes

Fluffly Pancakes

Toppings you say?


  • lemon & sugar
  • maple syrup & butter
  • maple syrup with fruit (strawberries or berries work really well)
  • warm apple slices with cinnamon and sugar sauce
  • nutella
  • peanut butter & banana
  • & whatever you like.. It’s your pancake!

So ditch those shop bought pancakes & pre-made mixes… & give it a go yourself! I would love to see some pics of all your attempts- so click on my ‘Contact’ tab: Tweet me, email me or @ me on Instagram! Pancake day here we come! 

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