Summer time fine!

 With the promise of summer just around the corner.. But no sign of any permanent sunshine, I’ve got some makeup products for you girlies to fake it till we make it! These are all my go to products for spring/summer- so let’s get summer-time fine!

Getting your glow back!

Using a tinted moisturiser/BB cream is perfect to create a slightly more tanned base- yet still looks very natural, giving you that amazing sun-kissed look…

I would recommend,

MAC Prep&Prime BB Beauty Balm 

If you keep up with lovesian you will know I love using this product, however they do a summer range of golden shades that have more subtle bronzed tones & slight shimmer- which work perfect in the summer … or to fake a very natural but bronzed look.


Charlotte Tilbury WonderGlow

This is the latest edition to my favourites & is amazing on dull or tired skin! It even contains an anti-age boost.. Who doesn’t love a multi-purpose product- this one is perfect for a dewy & glowy look.


Using a bronzer on your cheeks, center of your forehead and tip of your nose is a perfect way to get a bronzed Goddess look… My favourite is:

MAC give me sun

I use this year round for a glow.. It’s a natural finish without shimmer or glitter so you can apply just a small amount and it will still look very natural- however they do lots of different shades as this shade would be slightly too dark for fairer skin tones.

Charlotte Tilburys Film star Bronze & Glow

I love that you can use this product all over your face.. You can follow charlottes simple guide to contour & highlight for that amazing perfected bronzed look. You can also use this around the eyes to define them without looking like you have a heavy eye shadow look.. This is a massive thumbs up for multi-purpose product! Love!

As well as your bronzer you can combine it with a peachy or rosey pink blush to enhance that dewy fresh faced look- especially when you are going out and want to have a slightly more emphasised look- yet still light & fresh, perfect for this would be…

Nars – Powder Blush “orgasm”For eyes I suggest sticking to lighter concealors to further the fresh faced look, and this will enhance the bronzed exterior as well- although remember to blend everything to perfection! I like..

MAC select Cover-up

This is a long lasting concealor, and really good at covering dark circles- I tend to go a shade lighter to complete the look

YSL touché Éclat 
Bright eyes really accentuate a sun-kissed look & YSL have got it right with the touché éclat – I tend to have to blend two different tones for perfect coverage

It’s really nice to use some golden tones for eye shadow.. Shimmery shades work perfectly for summer as during the day the sunlight will really pick them up- but of an evening they make the eyes pop! Nothing too heavy is necessary, and I don’t often wear eye makeup so I love these easy to apply products…

Charlotte Tilbury’s colour chameleon eye shadow pencil

I can’t praise this product more- easy to apply, catered to make your eyes pop for every shade, and powerful colour in a couple strokes of a pencil! I would use the more golden tones for this look & the great thing is you can apply this so precisely- where it’s a pencil you can build and blend really easily too

Now… image

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3 thoughts on “Summer time fine!

  1. AAAHHH! Love Charlotte Tillbury! I’m in London now and tried desperately to pick up some CT products at Selfridge’s yesterday, but the counter was so packed!!!


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