Places to go.. People to see

So often I’m stuck between “do I stick to where I know .. & love, or try something new” I absolutely love finding new little gems- so I thought I’d create a set of posts ‘places to go.. People to see’ so I could share all the NEW places I’ve tried and loved! This way- I’ve done all the leg work for you.. So you can then check them out for yourselves !

First up on places to go.. People to see is:

Granger and Co 

Me & one of my best friends/ fellow blogger Kirby (Click here to check her out) were in for a much needed catch up.. And we’re on the hunt for a place that had some good healthy options, yet still tasty ( so not complete rabbit food)- with a nice atmosphere, something around central London so she could get there straight from work & of course somewhere new we hadn’t tried!

I came across Granger and Co– they have several over London, however we opted for the newest one just opened at Kingscross station. We couldn’t book, but got here about 7pm & it was super busy already- we were told there would be a 40 min wait but we could sit at the bar and have a drink beforehand while we waited- now, if you follow either me or Kirby you know we love a cocktail, so this option was a “hell yes” for us! When we got seated at the bar.. We were in fact informed that we could actually eat there if we were happy too- as there was ample space and we were seated (not standing) we were actually delighted because we were pretty starving, so didn’t end up waiting at all!  Result!

There is lots to choose from on the menu from raw tuna & avocado poke, or shrimp burgers with jalepeno mayo- to prawn, chilli & ginger spaghetti. Lots of choice, some healthier than others.. However I must admit nothing comes greesy or really rich, all options do tilt to the healthier side. Me & Kirby being our typical selves ended up picking the exact same options LOL! So we shared a yummy starter of Grilled Squid, coriander, green chilli & rocket:


& both got a main dish each of Yellow fish curry, spiced butternut squash, roasted peanuts, brown rice & cucumber relish:


We then decided to go for a cheeky dessert- which we again shared of baked banana, salted toffee pudding & cream (YUM!)


We were both so impressed with the food- I will definitely be going back! Also the service and atmosphere was lovely .. Very London, very kool! & how could I forget… THE COCKTAILS, loved them too!

So all in all .. A big thumbs up to Granger and co – Kingscross! You have inspired me to try and make my own version of yellow fish curry.. & you will see me again shortly! (click here to check them out!)

Now people.. Off you go, you know, places to go- people to see!

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