Make me brown… Cocoa Brown!

mid- august in London, and I’m sitting here wondering where summer has disappeared too? Don’t get me wrong I still have such hope for warmer days- no rain, & my tanned skin remaining golden brown… I can’t guarantee the first two- but I have a cheeky helping hand from Marissa Carter with the amazing COCOA BROWN to keep my glow!

I have never used fake tan much, an accidental gradual tan (packaged very discreetly) is as far as I have ventured- and it was only when my hands turned a strange orangey tone that I suddenly realised *glowing* moisturising creams meant gradual tan! oopsss! As I am naturally quite olive toned, I have never really felt the need to use fake tan- that & the fact I love a holiday or two, or three (and tend to plan these in a timely manner in order to maintain a yearly tan) but this year I haven’t actually been on a summer holiday- and feeling paler than usual, got me thinking about some alternative methods… & fake tan is one daunting thought!

BUT fear not- because it wouldn’t be a lovesian post without, of course, my top tips & top products to rid us of any summer skin blues! I discovered COCOA BROWN- & after hearing wonderful things, of a tan that suits darker skin perfectly, never goes orange (hence the name cocoa brown) & fades evenly.. I opted for trialling the 1hour tan mousse in DARK:

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 22.20.01

I used the tanning mitt provided, made sure there was no uneven parts, left it on for 1 hour & rinsed off… I think it had quite a nice subtle floral smell- although no one else could smell it- which either way wasn’t a bad thing. I was amazed at how much I noticed a colour change in such a short time, I was also soooo relieved I had no streaks, patches & that my hands and feet looked perfectly tanned.. creases as well! Its safe to say I was very happy with this product, I was showing everyone, because most professional tanners (if you tan weekly or daily you will qualify in this category) don’t always get these kind of results! Even better, if faded very evenly, I didn’t even exfoliate it off as it didn’t turn patchy at all, & lasted almost a week full colour. Now you may all be thinking well thats just beginners luck, but I have continued to use Cocoa Brown, & I am so happy with this product that I couldn’t wait to share it with you all…

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 22.19.16

So since using COCOABROWN I have now put together my top 3 products for you, and my top tips-

  • Firstly my favourite results are after leaving the ‘1 hour mousse tan in dark’ on for two hours to develop:

This gave me a very brown colour, quite dark, & yet was still a short enough period that I didn’t feel like it took forever. I would usually do this before getting ready for a night out- I would apply after freshly showering & let it develop while sorting out my hair and makeup – then quickly rinse off before going out. There original ‘1 hour tan mousse’ is slightly lighter, so if you are fairer this would be more suited for you- but works exactly the same.

  • For best results- I really love using there ‘Chocolate whip’ OIL-free cream:

I use this before applying any tan, I will rub a small amount on my knees, feet, elbows & hands- this will help the typical ‘tan accident prone’ areas to really have a perfect finish. Also using this after you have developed & washed off your tan, and everyday after- really does extend the life of your tan! I now find my tan lasts 1 week full colour & up to 10days after first application I’m still glowing!

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 22.20.28

  • BEFORE applying any tan I always use ‘Tough Stuff’:

This stuff is real tough, its my favourite exfoliator & it does exactly what it says on the tin! So many times I have brought an exfoliating scrub, and honestly ended up using so much of it in one go & a whole lot of energy- with very little results.. but this scrub will really, really, scrub your skin smooth (its not a daily scrub, it is definitely perfect for pre-tan prep or great to avoid any ingrowing hairs) & every time I have used this before applying the cocoa brown tan… the tan has not only looked smoother but lasted longer.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 22.20.47

I have to stress that this product review is completely genuine (like all my reviews).. Overall the best parts are, it was super easy, it literally dried so fast (so there was no transfer at all), its quick, its very brown, & the MAIN THING it looks natural!! So what are you waiting for .. don’t let the weather dictate your tan- summer isn’t over just yet… not if Marissa Carter has her way!

COCOA BROWN is just everything you want from a tanning product… gone are the day of chavvy tans!

To shop COCOABROWN- click here

& you can also shop COCOABROWN now in superdrug.. here

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