new year.. new me! THE SKIN EDIT.

January .. the perfect time of year for resolutions, health kicks & goal setting! Oh wouldn’t it be great if we ‘actually’ stuck to it.. year after year, we ALL do it- some we stick to, some, well- not so much. So for me its about the little lifestyle changes you can make- no fad diets, no false promises, or unachievable goals! Lets instead try to make small but significant changes.. I’ve been doing it for years, and can honestly say its the best way to achieve PERMANENT change.. & not just a phase!

I’ve decided to do a series of posts on the lifestyle changes I’ve made for 2016… the first one up THE SKIN EDIT:

DRINK WATER: No, this isn’t the first time I have told you all my biggest secret, but honestly I drink so much water… your skin is one of the first places your body shows signs of dehydration, it will dry out (especially in this weather), or if you have oily skin- you will tend to break out more as you have less natural hydration balance. Long term, you will have more youthful skin- but short term it can really restore your natural glow & plumpness (that all that drinking & the nights out have depleted). Start by  drinking at least a 1 litre of water a day, gage it by when you go to the toilet as well (it should never be yellow) & then you can gradually drink more as you get used to it.

For those who hate water- there is no real substitute guys! It takes just 6 weeks to form a habit, so persist & eventually you will enjoy water… Try to start drinking it when you are extremely thirsty as well- our body tends to like things more when we are at extremes!

SKIN CARE ROUTINE: so simple – but oh so important! Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise. You need to find what works for your skin type.. but I will certainly give you some top tips! Also don’t forget to stay tuned on the Blog & Youtube Channel, as I review loads of skincare bits.

Take your makeup off thoroughly every night before bed! Even if you have naturally blessed flawless skin- no one can escape the black head monster with clogged makeup pores… Drunk, sober, tired, or sick JUST take it off girl.

SERUMS! omg- 2015 has been my year of discovering the importance of a night serum, now in my early 20s I am much more conscious of taking care of my skin- so I would highly recommend a good quality night serum, and religiously applying this! More specifically I recommend using a retinol based serum, these personally work best for me- and generally help to reverse sun damage, smooth & reduce wrinkles, however the main property these retinol based serums effectively help me with is skin rejuvenation- I rarely ever break out using this, and as I’ve mentioned before if I ever do my skin scars so easily (being so sensitive) but using a night time retinol based serum has reduced any healing time by at least half, so I think this is great for younger more acne prone skin as well!

Use a PRIMER/Makeup base.. This not only makes your makeup last a lot longer! But leaves a thin layer that separates yours skin and your makeup- meaning it’s a lot less likely to sink in and clog up those pores! Long term you will notice a difference.

Face mask.. A little self indulgence & me time is much needed when keeping your skin in tip top condition- once a week a face mask is a must, if your skin is looking good, then opt for the cloth masks, a lot less abrasive- great for radiance, reducing fatigued looking skin, and getting a glow back. However if you skin is going through a bad spell I would recommend a clay based mask, or an exfoliating one- for a more intense treatment.

Stay tuned for the next edition- of ‘New year, New Me’ – THE BODY EDIT!

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