The magical world of Harry Potter | lovesian goes behind the scenes

So I recently visited the Warner Bros Studios to see the behind scenes of the infamous Harry Potter! I have always been a big fan of Harry Potter- but made an excuse that I was only going along with my little cousins.. But boy was I wrong in thinking this was just kids fun. So continue to read – and enter the magical world of Harry Potter (undone) …


We pre-booked our tickets & went along nice and early to collect them, the weather was beautiful that day, so we sat outside the studios- with a family sized picnic (courtesy of Aunty Nicky & Uncle John) … in the sun, and filled our bellies before (what I was informed by my younger cousins would be hours of fun)

setting the scene as you enter- Harrys Famous BED under the stairs – taking box rooms to a whole new level!

The great Hall

I mean which wand would you have? Pretty sure they choose you!

I walked round in awe, you won’t believe how much of the film IS NOT CGI – and how many amazing things were built in order to bring the film to life..

I managed to get through- of course, because I’m magic you see!

YES TO BUTTER BEER- oh my, Magically yummy.. I will be returning here purely on the basis that I can drink more Butter beer- & musrt admit the butter beer ice-cream is pretty good too!

The Warner Bros Studio tour of The Making Of Harry Potter, really does give a rare insight into all the amazing behind the scene bits, I honestly didn’t expect to find it soo interesting! Theres secrets told, potion making, butter beer drinking, iconic scenes and of course a little broom stick flying- I thoroughly enjoyed reliving my love for Harry Potter & enabling my inner child!

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