Places to go .. People to see : Smith’s

Another edition of places to go.. people to see! & this time I’m showing you all my favourite fish restaurant….

This beautiful on-the-river restaurant is my favourite fish restaurant.. & here’s why!

Fish & seafood lovers, you will know exactly what I mean when I say- your abroad and the fish tastes thaaaat much better, that much fresher, but I kid you not, Smith’s restaurant takes me to my holiday tastes buds – in the heart of.. wapping! Not some grand beachside resort, but being right next to the river, with the fresh tasting, good quality seafood, you will well and truly be transported!

So to start I had one of my all time favourites – CALAMARI (& I highly recommend!)

The sea bass was so good- I find it rare in England to get a good Sea Bass that tastes so fresh, so for me Smith’s gets it right every time, I mean after all- they are famous for fish!

They have such a variety of sides- which if your sharing (like I always do) you can try lots of them.. and if your not a massive fan of fish, they also do a variety of other options… lamb, steak, chicken – etc.

So for dessert I had theĀ Apple Tart with Caramel Sauce, Cinnamon & Honey Ice-Cream – its safe to say this got DEMOLISHED!

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 10.40.00

This has got to be my favourite Fish restaurant.. but now that I’ve told you all about it- I gotta go! You know, places to go- people to see! Stay tuned for more gorgeous foody, lifestyle, and adventure posts…

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