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Boo Moo!


I’ve recently been trying to really cut down on my diary product intake- due to the high saturated fats they tend to contain, but being a tea & cereal lover, saying boo too moo was really tough! So I’ve come up with some great alternatives & I thought I’d share them with you as you don’t actually have to cut out milk to keep up that healthy lifestyle!

Cows Milk: (semi-skimmed)

Calories- 100
Sugar- 9.6g
Fat- 3.6g

This is definitely a better option than full fat, however you can still opt for skimmed milk as an even less fattening option, although it tastes like water, so isn’t for everyone. It’s not all bad, of course cows milk is a great source of protein, contains calcium & useful vitamins- just remember to ask for that latte skinny!

Almond Milk

Calories- 48
Sugar- 6g
Fat- 2.2g

Made from pressed almonds & water, this is one of my favourite alternatives. Great on cereal, especially nutty ones & tastes good in a cuppa too! Most importantly almond milk contains no saturated fats- & those are the ones you want to avoid.

Coconut Milk

Calories- 100
Sugar- 11.2g
Fat- 2.2g

This is a good one for a treat as it’s nice & sweet- although probably not great all the time. Created from the flesh of a coconut- it is slightly lower in protein.

Rice Milk

Calories- 94
Sugar- 8g
Fat- 2g

Low in fat- doesn’t hold much nutritional value compared to the other milks, however has a good source of carbs, so great for an energy boost- however not so great if you are avoiding carbs.

So rest assured you can still keep up that healthy lifestyle and keep milk!