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Smoothie your Way to smoother skin

why oh why are the chocolates after Christmas never-ending… I can’t get away from them, and it is reeking havoc with my skin! So I’ve turned to my trusted detox fix… A smoothie-a-day keeps those spots away!

but of course it would not be lovesian if I didn’t dish the dirt on my skin smoothie secrets…


Some of my top Skin perfecting ingredients:

  • ¬†Berries– contains lots of anti-oxidants which can help protect your skin from cellular damage, which can cause wrinkling & age spots
  • Almond Milk– lower in fat, so a better alternative to cows milk. Also containing Vitamin E which helps promote healthy skin growth
  • Spinach– a potent anti-oxidant & good source of iron
  • Udo’s Choice Beyond Greens– a well being & energy powder formula containing a wide range of greens, high in fibre & protein
  • Pineapple– great for digestion (which helps you process all the goodness even better) & makes the taste just a touch sweeter
  • Acai– again packed with tons of anti-oxidants, acai berries help eliminate toxins
  • Honey– this is a natural humectant, which means it both attracts moisture & helps lock it in (exactly what your skin needs) I opt for Manuka Honey, as it possesses several healing properties as well as honeys usual properties
  • Citrus Fruits– ¬†containing high vitamin C levels, this helps stop inflammation of the skin, tightens skin & prevents wrinkles

Add some of these ingredients (or all of them) alongside your other favourite smoothie usuals… & let the goodness go to work!

Some of my top Smoothie tips:

  • Freeze your fruit before blending- this makes your smoothie come out all thick and icey (Yum)
  • Add ice – for an icey crunch
  • Add fat free yoghurt to thicken it up
  • Use pineapple, bananas, & honey, to sweeten it up, especially if your adding loads of veggies in that don’t always taste as nice

Im starting a 2 week Smoothie Challenge to Detox my body from all the naughty eating… Try & detox with me & have a smoothie a day!

Remember you ARE WHAT YOU EAT!!


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