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My Skin Care Routine


My skin is by no means perfect, but I finally feel like I’ve found what works for me, its simply, easy & not over priced- so finaaaallly I’m giving you the full low down on my skin!


  • I never leave my makeup on over night (no matter how drunk I get – yes there has been a couple falling into the bath drink related scenarios in the pursuit of clean skin)
  • I try to keep my skin routine simple! As a blogger trying new products is part of what I do, but constantly changing my routine really does mess with my skin – ultimately after all the expensive high end products, this is the stuff that really works for me! & remember the easier your routine is- the more likely you will stick to it!
  • Keep hydrated from within – I drink 1.5l-2l of water a day minimum
  • Adjusting to your skin type – I tend to change my moisturiser to a lighter one or heavier moisturiser depending on the seasons, its important to stay in tune with your skin and adjust your routine accordingly. Likewise what works for me, might not work for you. I would say I have combination skin
  • A healthy Diet , plays a big part. You are what you eat- literally!
  • DON’T PICK YOUR FACE – no matter how tempting, I’ve learnt the hard way it never helps. If you must get rid of a spot- wait for a white head, or bring the spot to a head with a hot flannel, or to reduce the spot apply ice. Picking & using nails always always scars!

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Radiant skin… Radiant you!

After just getting back from an amazing holiday ( which I constantly posted pics to keep you all updated ) you wanted to know how I got that radiant look with no makeup! & it wouldn’t be lovesian if I didn’t dish the dirt on my skin secrets! So here it is my top 10 tips to beautiful radiant skin…

1. USE A GREAT MOISTURISER! A good quality moisturiser will make the world of difference, it will help guard your skin from harsh weather & take care of it for the future. Once your skin is well hydrated you will get a bit of colour back, which tends to fade in these cold winter months.

I recommend: Clarins- HydraQuench Cream / Olay Total Effects 7 Daily Moisturiser


2. EXFOLIATE ONCE A WEEK! Exfoliating takes away all that dead, dull skin which leaves skin more radiant & much softer. Be careful not to over exfoliate as scrubbing your skin too much will leave you pale and possibly irritate your skin- once a week is perfect.

I recommend: St. Ives- Apricot Scrub / Clinique- Turnaround instant facial masque



3. DOUBLE UP ON YOUR SERUMS! What most people don’t realise is if you tend to sleep on one side, then your serum will rub off on to your pillow throughout the night- so a good idea is to double up on your serum on that side of your face. Serums should be used alongside with your normal moisturiser.

I recommend: Clinique- Smart Serum


4. BE DELICATE TO YOUR EYES! The dreaded eye bags & covering them up might make you want to scrape consealor all over them- but make sure any eye products or makeup you apply is dabbed on gently, as the skin under your eyes is so sensitive that long term you might make the skin sag or loose elasticity. Try and work from the inside of the eye outwards.

5. KEEP IT SIMPLE! Stick to the same products & don’t over do it. It’s easy to get carried away with all the new amazing products- especially as Christmas is fast approaching, but don’t introduce too many new products at once. As a Blogger I’m constantly trying new things, however I try and make it a rule to introduce only one new facial product to my skin a month as my skin can be quite sensitive- in general I stick to my well tested skincare regime. Try and stick to the same brand- for example use the same branded cleanser & toner as they are made to compliment each other.

6. DRINK WATER! Hydration is key- I spoke about this earlier with your moisturiser, but getting hydration from within is even better!! It will help your skin in more ways than one, & even helps your eye bags and that tired look. I recommend getting away from tap water and sticking to the bottled stuff!


7. TREAT YOURSELF TO A FACIAL! Having a facial is brilliant for getting deep into your pores and the facial massage that goes along with it is great for simulating the circulation & blood flow- which in turn creates more radiant skin. You will find that even the best of skin may slightly break out after a facial, as your body is releasing a lot of the toxins or those hidden under the skin spots, but once that clears your skin will be alot better so it is well worth it.

8. EAT WELL! You are what you eat… It is true & if you’ve been a bit naughty it will always show in your skin, so every now and then I do a detox, just to get rid of all the impurities & mon- fri I try and keep a healthy diet & be good. If you can, try & eat a lot more Akaline foods- which will help the imbalance that most of us have in our diets.

9. LET YOUR SKIN BREATH! If you can cut down on the foundation & take a break from makeup every now and then, then do it. Makeup inevitably blocks your pores, and although most of us don’t feel confident without it, the better your skin becomes the more you will love your skin without makeup too. So please don’t wear your full face to the gym or when working out.

10. ALWAYS REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP! Don’t leave your makeup on over night, always cleanse and tone your face. Stick to your nightly routine- even after a crazy night out. Also make sure that you don’t just take your makeup off quickly, but that you take it off properly.

So now you have my top 10 radiant skin tips… Use them wisely! & enjoy your radiant skin!

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My Face-Chic is all Clinique!


I am constantly being asked “what do you use on your skin?…” Well it’s simple- because it is all Clinique. I have tried A LOT if skin care brands out there, so I felt it was time I shared my favourite one & why. When I first switched over to Clinique I was a little worried as I had been using all these well known amazingly-expensive brands that had brought me up in a little rash- which for someone who gets complimented on my skin- was my worst nightmare. I was desperate for something that was better for sensitive skin & of course Clinique’s allergy tested/ fragrance free motto attracted me, & turned out to be the perfect thing for me to try- in matter of days my rash cleared up & I’ve been using it ever since!

Now on a lot of my posts I tend to say well this product works for me etc. but actually I’m going to put that aside today because Clinique has a product variety of 4 different skin types giving you a specified daily skin routine for your exact skin type! You can’t go wrong when a brand creates a line of products that they have altered to suit every woman!


Now I could probably sit here and tell you every Clinique product I use, but I’ll give you a quick run down of my favourites!



 The 3-Step System: I use this daily- it’s great because you can buy these 3 products specific to your skin type- cleaning/ cleansing/ moisturising your skin makes all the difference. For me this is completely worth the money as it actually works, and once you have you basic skin regime sorted everything else tends to fall in place- but don’t just take my word for it, ask for a starter pack instead of buying the full size product you will get a miniature version (that surprisingly will last a month) for only £20- & trust me after this you won’t want to go back.


The Clinique Smart Serum: does everything from changing the appearance of uneven skin tone, wrinkles, lines, firming & radiance- it’s one of those wow products. This product I ended up buying because My Clinique girl recommended it- & again I was shocked at how much I could notice a difference in radiance and even skin tone- love this product! When applying just use a small amount on your forehead, top of cheeks, chin, & under chin, then gently blend it all around- using upward motion strokes for under chin- pat it all down gently, and remember to still moisturise.


 The turnaround instant facial: this product is my most recent addition, it is basically a quick 5 minute facial mask that you can do a couple  times a week- leaves your skin radiant, fresh & exfoliated. Mine lasts quite long as I only use it once a week to scrub out any blackheads & give my skin that glow it needs with winter fast approaching! Unlike most masks/exfoliates this does not irritate your skin and leave it all red, in fact the glow you get is pretty instant.


I’ve been recommended some more amazing Clinique products that I can’t wait to try- the new sonic system cleansing brush, even better eyes dark circle corrector & makeup removal. Once I get my hands on these I will let you all know what I think!

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