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Smoothie your Way to smoother skin

why oh why are the chocolates after Christmas never-ending… I can’t get away from them, and it is reeking havoc with my skin! So I’ve turned to my trusted detox fix… A smoothie-a-day keeps those spots away!

but of course it would not be lovesian if I didn’t dish the dirt on my skin smoothie secrets…


Some of my top Skin perfecting ingredients:

  • ¬†Berries– contains lots of anti-oxidants which can help protect your skin from cellular damage, which can cause wrinkling & age spots
  • Almond Milk– lower in fat, so a better alternative to cows milk. Also containing Vitamin E which helps promote healthy skin growth
  • Spinach– a potent anti-oxidant & good source of iron
  • Udo’s Choice Beyond Greens– a well being & energy powder formula containing a wide range of greens, high in fibre & protein
  • Pineapple– great for digestion (which helps you process all the goodness even better) & makes the taste just a touch sweeter
  • Acai– again packed with tons of anti-oxidants, acai berries help eliminate toxins
  • Honey– this is a natural humectant, which means it both attracts moisture & helps lock it in (exactly what your skin needs) I opt for Manuka Honey, as it possesses several healing properties as well as honeys usual properties
  • Citrus Fruits– ¬†containing high vitamin C levels, this helps stop inflammation of the skin, tightens skin & prevents wrinkles

Add some of these ingredients (or all of them) alongside your other favourite smoothie usuals… & let the goodness go to work!

Some of my top Smoothie tips:

  • Freeze your fruit before blending- this makes your smoothie come out all thick and icey (Yum)
  • Add ice – for an icey crunch
  • Add fat free yoghurt to thicken it up
  • Use pineapple, bananas, & honey, to sweeten it up, especially if your adding loads of veggies in that don’t always taste as nice

Im starting a 2 week Smoothie Challenge to Detox my body from all the naughty eating… Try & detox with me & have a smoothie a day!

Remember you ARE WHAT YOU EAT!!


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Tea-Tox or not to-tox… That is the question?

image I’m a massive fan of the new health kick wave that has seemingly taken over the whole country, but with all the different detox and diets out there who knows what to try? & more importantly what actually works, is the question on all of our lips! I’ve heard tea-tox is an amazing way to rid the dreaded belly bloat that leaves me thinking “bellys gonna get yaaaa”- so I thought I’d give it a try… When looking into it I realised there are a MILLION different types of tea-toxs out there & to be frank it all got a bit overwhelming for me. After putting this off for some time, I’ve now heard some amazing things about this Bootea 14day detox, so I’m going for it! & all the while I will be keeping you updated.

Bootea promises to perform an intensive cleanse of your digestive system, leaving you energised & motivated to reach your goals.

At the end of the detox I will post how it went… So wish me luck!

Want to try it?

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