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Bold Is Beautiful | Benefit


Lovesian took a trip to the wonderful Bold is Beautiful Benefit Cosmetics Event @ Carnarby Street.. & had lots of fun with the Benefit Babes!!

& I will be telling you about an amazing deal for you girlies on how you can get pampered at a discount…

 So I always get asked about my makeup- and specifically my lashes or brows… I often use a lot of benefit’s products – but have always been a ” they’re real” kind of girl .. But whilst in Benefit the benebabes introduced me to the “roller lash” masacara … And I must admit I have fallen in love! It gave me the perfect combo of length and curl! But here is a little secret.. The girls told me that most of them mix BOTH- yes they use both roller lash and they’re real- in one go, for the ultimate lashes! So try it .. And thank me later! 

Here are some more fab pictures from the event…   


So if you Girls are loving Benefit as much as me.. Here is a way to get pampered at a discount! For a limited time only enjoy 20% off services EXCLUSIVELY at Benefit Carnaby Street Boutique!…. Services inc. tanning, hair & nail services (Valid from/ may 29th-July 31st)


I know I will be visiting this Super Cute Carnaby Street Boutique again very soon! 

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