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I’m in love with the Coco | Coco White

Woah why did it take me so long to try out oil pulling !! I have very recently just discovered using coconut oil for whiter and healthier teeth.. & now I’m shouting it out to all of my readers, because it’s amazing!

So I finally managed to get my hands on some CocoWhite (14 minty sachets).. & I am a massive fan now! So if you are like me, and knew nothing about oil pulling – I’m here to spread the word, and trust me you will soon be a converted oil puller too.

In short CocoWhite is a UK based company that promote a healthy balanced lifestyle- so the products are 100% natural… They basically give you an alternative to the chemical based teeth whitening (that even though leaves your teeth glistening white- is not actually so good for those pearly whites) .. but I would say is as effective. The benefits of oil pulling with coconut oil is simple- it reduces the amount of harmful bacteria in your mouth, this in turn reduces plaque and leave your teeth looking whiter!

The way I use it is simple.. Each package has the exact amount you need (per swhooshing session) which makes it super easy- you can also use any natural coconut oil product, but you would have to spoon about this same amount out and pop it in your mouth. I always do it at night- just before I have brushed my teeth.. So it’s simple I pop the minty sachet in (which is actually a lovely subtle flavour) and swoosh around my mouth for 15 mins. 15 mins! I know it’s a long time ! So yes it will be quite weird at first- but you will get used to doing this in no time. Now I tend to pop in it my mouth, put my pjs on, remove my makeup and do all my little bits before bed- and by that time I’m ready to spit and brush my teeth.

Instantly after the first time I used it my teeth felt EXTRA clean after brushing, I woke up the next morning with no morning breathe (which I would love to pretend I don’t have usually- but my Boyfriend would beg to differ). I was very happy with the results- and after about 3 nights of use I could see my teeth looking whiter – and a lot more even in tone. I’m using the 14 sachets in one go, and then taking a break, but some people like to do 3 days a week on going, so the choice is yours really. I have missed a couple nights- but then I’ll just do it the very next night, and I still feel I can see the difference! So go ahead and try it for yourself…


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