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Lovesian visits Sky Garden

As the weather in London is finally on the up.. & the sun is out to play.. I thought it would be the perfect moment to share “lovesian visits Sky Garden”

I recently visited the beautiful Sky Garden with my girls & absolutely loved it! We made sure we got there to watch the sunset as we sipped on cocktails & took in the views- I highly recommend going at sunset, as all the walls are glass windows so the views are beautiful.. & now the weathers brightening up the views will be a lot less likely to be cloudy!

The bar itself can be casual attire or dressed up- it’s the kind of bar you can go to after work or before going out to the club. Sky Garden is literally as its name states… A Garden in the sky, & the views inside of the gardens are almost as good as the views of London below!


For more on sky garden & to book your tickets … Just click here!

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