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The Christmas List Pt.1


With less than a month till christmas… and for the slightly less organised people (like me) who haven’t got all there Christmas shopping yet.. I thought I would give you all a helping hand with some of my favourites- also its an excuse to start talking about Christmas and as I absolutely loveeeeeee Christmas- so! why not start the Christmas posts!

Buying for a girl?


Beauty Blender- this years must have makeup sponge ( I don’t remember life before this) >SHOP HERE<

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 23.08.43

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My makeup brush.. Is a Spectrum Brush

I’ve very recently discovered my new favourite makeup brushes from the Spectrum Collections.. Yes they look very kool, but there is a lot more to this pretty range than just that!


For me I personally prefer synthetic brushes- if you’ve ever had a natural hair brush set, the hairs just go everywhere! Synthetic brushes tend to not absorb the product- therefore applies liquid foundations, concealors, gel & lip stick a lot better than a natural brush.


What most people don’t know, is that Spectrum are a trend driven makeup-brush brand… this means they will constantly be bringing out new brushes throughout the year, so the brand will continue to grow & change.

The beauty of it- well who doesn’t love a pretty brush! I for one love the pastel range.. Which I’m glad to confirm will be here to stay- but for those who want something a little different, Spectrum are aiming to have 2 different colour ways on the agenda for 2015… Rumour has it that a beautiful turquoise is next up!

If like me you love the Spectrum range you will be happy to know that they plan to release a new 10 piece essential set that comes with a pouch too! So watch this space…



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